Kruf, J.P. (2004). Sossusvlei. Namibia.

Namibia. Somewhere within an area of 32.000 km2 of sand dunes lies the Sossusvlei, literally “dead end marsh”. Vlei is the Afrikaans word for “marsh” or “shallow lake”, while “sossus” is Nama for “no return” or “dead end”. It is part of the vast Namib – a 2000 km long coastal desert and up to 200 km inland – and it may be the oldest (55–80 million years) desert in the world.

The river water once flooded the area. But that is history now. An impressive place to be, between the dead but proud Acacia’s (I expect the most photographed Acacia’s in the world) and the high – in a broad and rich orange-brown palette of colours – sand dunes (highest is 383 meter). Quite a view. It was a privilege to be there.