New balance after COVID-19 ‘lockdown’

Kruf, J.P. (2020) Post Lockdown [Fine art print]. Breda: Governance Connect, Q Dock.

By Jack P. Kruf

After the lockdown we all will seek for the new balance again. I imagined how this could look like after COVID-19 and how the balance of influence between citizen as metaphor for civil society – and main inhabitant of cities – and government could be restored. Or maybe also the balance between authority steered crisis management and regular democracy. It depends how successful we will be in beating the virus. The designed diagram is about society after Influence in COVID-19 ‘lockdown’.

Following the rules of the measurement triangle of Ecosystem City® I mapped the possible influence of both city components – citizen/civil society and goverment. It is a possible scenario. Ideal, but not sure. Compared with our present Corona situation, it would be a complete breath of fresh air.

I expressed this as simple as possible on a 8*8 canvas (the chess board) giving an eagle view over the city. We write this on the 12th of April 2020, Easter Sunday, for Christians the commemorating day of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. It is a day, figuratively spoken, we all hope it will come soon. There is much analogy with Easter to be found for many of us.

The Pantone® Imperial Blue of government marks the light framing (in rules and regulations) influence on society, offering citizen and civil society (Pantone® Terra Cotta) maximum living space and free movement (Pantone® Snow White).