Cure Care Corona

Kruf, J.P. (2020) Cure Care Corona [Fine art print]. Breda: Governance Connect, Q Dock.

Jack P. Kruf

Obvious in the crisis management approach of government is bringing healthcare into position to act as swiftly as possible. Nurses, doctors and other medical trained workers and helpers are forming the center stage of the public domain now. Many governments frame the lockdown, most of them with own accents, but all are focusing on constraints and needs, to tackle Corona. The policy is prevent, cure and care. And after that, back to work.

Following the rules of the measurement triangle of Ecosystem City® I mapped the production of the present main city components, being cure & care organisations and government. The first component is in charge, the second putting the frame from the outside and managing delivery of the necessary tools and equipment from the inside.

I expressed this as simple as possible on a 8*8 canvas (the chess board) giving an eagle view over the city. We write this on the 14th of April 2020. It is also the first day that some governmental leaders start to position the approach otherwise wanting to divert from lockdown and seeking for the blame others and even threat the World Health Organisation.

Government will step gradually out of the light of the mall which it created so effectively, and is expected to start choosing the path of political propaganda more and more. From governmental councils to elected councils to politics again. History will repeat itself. The above diagram will gradually change in structure and in color the coming months, depending on the country and the leadership style of those who are in charge. My personal expectation.

The Pantone® Imperial Blue of government marks the framing influence (in rules, regulations and decisions) on society, bringing healthcare (Pantone® Quartz Pink) into optimal position to act properly. For that it keeps limiting space and free movement for its citizens (Pantone® Snow White).