Cultural heritage

Kruf, J.P. (2019) Cultural heritage

Jack Kruf

Cultural heritage (Pantone Pastel Yellow) is the felt DNA of society. It most of the time contrasts as an light in depth perspective on past days with the hectic world of the city of today (Pantone Chili Pepper) and the governing system of rules and regulations (Pantone Jet Black).  The white fields (Pantone Snow White) are the opening spots to the new world, the pristine fields to be discovered. Fields of equality and respect.

It is this composition which comes into my mind when society is ignited to reorient and even redesign itself, when society is at the brink of rewriting and rethinking its own history, its past, but more than that, its future. Society changes in color palette from heritage pastel yellow into chili pepper, the hot variant. History has to and will be rewritten. My mother taught me from my early years: you are no more (but also no less) than someone else. Have respect for every human being. So equality and respect, always.

This design is available as fine art print.