New Insights

Kruf, J.P. (2015) New Insights.

During and directly after a crisis, one may come with new insights. Change can come from the interior need for a new organisation and maybe a more practical approach. Or it can come from an exterior perspective to have a better view on the outside world. In the old town of Lucca, Italy, we walked along this piece of art.

Anno 2020, after and during the Covid-19, the need for change is obvious, in public, civic and business organisations. This is driven by internal incentives, related to:

  • Business continuity (for all products and services to citizen and clients).
  • Human resource management (towards a more vital, agile and flexible organisation, new roles or functions are needed).
  • Finance (finding new resilience and balance, tax and budget rescheduling, control priorities).
  • Information management (secure the new cyber world with home and on distance protocols).
  • Procurement (recheck suppliers and contracts in effectivity and continuity).
  • Cooperation (the need for co-creation and for new value driven alliances).
  • Strategy and policy (from ‘be better prepared’, ex post and risk approach towards a more ex ante, resilience, value and scenario driven way of thinking and acting).
  • Leadership and the C-suite (from delegation and top-down styles to true ownership of value and risk approaches, stewardship and serving styles focused on delivery).
  • Interface politics, elected council, governing council and management (from segmentation and fragmentation towards a more holistic approach of matters concerning citizens, groups and social issues).

Lucca has this beautiful house where new insights, reorientation and rebuilding actually meet perfectly. It is metaphor for resilience management. The house of public governance is expected to follow the owners of this house.