Fifty shades of green

Kruf, J.P. (2005). Fifty shades of green. Scotland.

Following the present political debates, the most attention – by far – goes to Covid-19. I can understand that, although to a certain level. What seems more dominant in the long run – in terms of challenges and finding proper strategies – are the transition towards green and sustainable energy as well as the redesign of our economy according circular principles.

More focus on stewardship, on building resilience, could be wise. The prospect of ending up in a permanent state of crisis management is not that convenient. Not for citizens, not for ecosystems, not for society, not for governors and even not for politicians.

I think the idea of green is the selling point, the ultimate metaphor of today. Or maybe better the fifty shades of green. Rebuilding our cities in a renaissance of green elements, forests and parks is a pleasant thought, encouraging and lifting our hearts and souls. This picture, taken on a journey through Scotland with my three daughters Renée, Michelle and Louise, says it all. It is an iconic landscape.