The word ‘controversial’

Kruf, J.P. (2019). Deep dive. Dubai Mall.

What do we do as Judge Amy Coney Barrett pointed climate change as controversial. This  happened during the hearings last week in Court. Eyebrows worldwide raised, alarm bells did go off. What we learn here, I’m afraid that the Trias Politica, the separation of powers – a golden rule within public governance  and democracy – is at stake. Source is the New York Times By Calling Climate Change ‘Controversial,’ Barrett Created Controversy.

From the perspective of all those threatened and dying species and damaged or lost ecosystems this was a bad moment and for worse they – like many humans – are expected to have a bad time with appointments like this. Trust in government, trust in politics, trust in judges is at the brink of dying out.

In my view we should not continue along this path of appointing people who deny what is going on and do not really listen to the facts. Especially when de DNA genes of the judiciary will be highly influenced by personal doubts, beliefs and conservatism. It is irresponsible, it is immoral, it is non-ethical to appoint people on crucial public functions from the perspective of short term political and assumed personal gain. True democracy is at stake. It feels like a too deep dive. Risky. Too risky. Stop!