Cultural heritage

Jack Kruf

Cultural heritage is the felt DNA of society. It most of the time is a contrast where the soft and warm perspective of past days (yellow) contrasts with the hectic world of today (red). The system world of government, rules and regulations (black) is permanently felt and being omnipresent.

© Jack Kruf (2019) Cultural heritage [fine art print, 1/1, sold]. Amsterdam: Private collection.
Unexplored territories and challenges are there too, forming the new building blocks for the future of the living world (white). An art impression maybe about the actual stability of society, the relative small impact of the governing system.It is this composition that comes into my mind when society is ignited to reorient and even redesign itself when society is at the brink of rewriting and rethinking its own history, its past, with “(in my view) very limited possibilities for future. Society changes in color palette from heritage pastel yellow into dynamic chili pepper, the hot variant.


Kruf, J.P. (2019) Cultural Heritage [fine art print]. Breda: Certified Hahnemühle print.