Design for ecological harmony

Dror is a New York-based design firm, creating the future of cities. Building comprehensive visions & systems at every scale. Connecting people with nature through the built environment. (picture © Dror for Parkorman Istanbul: designing a love story between people and nature in a city with no central park.

The well-being of humans and the planet are interconnected, and Dror’s Supernature Labs focus on the research, development and invention of new ways to build better with nature and like nature. A global initiative, the labs are rolling out to locations around the world and empowering the local community to innovate and build a better future.

Established by Dror, SuperNature Labs is a holistic, practical framework to design with nature, like nature, to measurably improve the wellbeing of all life. From the scale of products to new cities, SuperNature takes us from Sustainability to Ecological Harmony: a shift in the way we design environments that enables communities, economies, and ecologies to grow in support of each other.

SuperNature Labs is a design company that pioneers innovative architecture, planning, and media products to offer a multi-scale development platform based on a new integration of nature and the built environment.