Nikola into the Future

Photo taken from Nikola/Hyla.

There was an engineer called Nikola Tesla. And there are the motor companies Nikola and Tesla. Both like to be associated with the brilliance and originality of this man. Both are working on new and innovative concepts of transport. Both are about the future, bringing us from the old and present fossil world to a new more sustainable and cleaner world. The first with about hydrogen, the second about electric energy. Here we highlight Nikola.

Hydrogen is an eco-friendly element that plays a vital role in sustaining life. No other energy carrier is as abundant as hydrogen, making it the ideal solution for creating a zero-emissions world.

HYLA, is the hydrogen solution of Nikola provides cost-effective solutions for hydrogen production, distribution, and dispensing. When combined with the Nikola Tre fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) it emits zero carbon, with water being the only byproduct. This approach solves the hydrogen fuel supply challenge to transition the commercial trucking industry to zero-emissions.