ir. Jack P. Kruf. © Michelle Kruf.

Short introduction of who I am, what I do and where I am.

Husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend. Interested in a well-steered and balanced society (in full respect for the natural environment), forest ecology, history and (photo)graphic design.

Following a Masters Degree at Wageningen University (cum laude) I am qualified as a Chartered Engineer in Forest Ecology as well as in Social Psychology. I held a number of project, city and chief executive management posts in the private and public sector. Former pianist (still a tiny part), decathlete (once), tennis player (Roger fan), forest steward (by heart) and chartered lifeguard (soul).

I am director of Governance Connect, a small consultancy and editorial firm related to strategy & design of public governance. With daughter Michelle Kruf I founded Q Dock, an initiative for creating and producing fine art prints for home and office.

Internationally involved in Public Risk Management Organisation (PRIMO Europe) as president in close alliance with the European Federation of Local Authority Chief Executives (UDITE).

I am based in the City of Breda, Province of Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands