Feest met Minnie

Vandaag is het een bijzondere dag. Dat sowieso. Maar het is extra speciaal: Minnie is bij ons komen wonen. De gouden handjes en het gouden strikje zeggen alles over de wijsheid, kunde en liefde van deze vrouw.

Geplaatst in Art

Oxman project: AGUAHOJA

Neri Oxman: “Derived from the sea and returned to the soil, we utilize decay as a design feature. Image from website Oxman.com.

According to the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), over 300 million tons of plastic are produced globally each year, leaving harmful imprints on the environment. Less than 10% of this material is recycled, while the rest becomes waste, dumped into landfills and oceans; all the while, plastic-based materials utilize raw ingredients that are extracted from the earth faster than they can be replenished, and are processed through environmentally destructive means. There is another way.”

Read and see more about this project.

Ekow Nimako Studio

Toronto based Ekow Nimako is an internationally exhibiting artist who works with only black LEGO blocks. He crafts futuristic and whimsical sculptures from this iconic medium. Rooted in his childhood hobby and intrinsic creativity, Nimako’s formal arts education and background as a lifelong multidisciplinary artist inform his process and signature aesthetic.

His fluid building style, coupled with the Afrofuturistic themes of his work, beautifully transcend the geometric medium to embody organic and fantastical silhouettes. His sculptures are inspired by a mix of history and imagination.

Geplaatst in Art

Big data art

To make sense from data around you makes sense. Expressing your findings with warm, familiar materials like wood, paper, wool, leather and glass can make to a form of art. And there is a vast amount of data around us, in fact we live in it. Laurie Frick is an artist who is driven to tell her story.

She collects the data herself with a variety of as she calls rigorous methods and with that come to hand-made patterned wall-arts. The physicality of her expressions leads in Frick’s conviction and philosophy to a better understanding what our bodies and behaviour tell us, make the vast amounts of numeric data from abstract to tangible, because people can understand the patterns intuitively. Colours play an important role.

The image above has been taken from lauriefrick.com. It is worth visiting, because it inspires, it is a beautiful bouquet of works and it gives you the opportunity to acquire one of these professionally hand-made unique masterpieces.