The Art of Eyvind Earle

Eyvind Earl is one of those artists who studied nature and its morphogenetic appearance, especially trees. He developed his craftsmanship to a high level art expression, making it to a true ode to nature. His works are of a level, that the strong desire emerges to want to live in the world he painted.

Oak Tree Serigraph © Eyvind Earl

Fifty shades of Green

© Jack Kruf (2022) Fifty shades of Green [fine art print]. Breda: Private collection.

Scotland is the place where green colours can be collected. I did. I elaborated from my 2005 notebook. An art impression of this overwhelming land of landscapes, where earth, sky, clouds and sunlight meet.

Desert view

Our adventure across the Namibian Sossusvlei resulted in the wisdom that no place in the desert is actually the same. Every valley has its own colour palette and architecture. The high sand dunes can sometimes reach up to 325 meter, as high as the Eiffel Tower. What an impressive place to be, the desert.

Wind, gravitation, water and light of sun and moon wash the sands, day and night, century in, century out. A continuous process of rearrangement and movement. In fact the sand grains are always on the run. I found these colours and curves.


Kruf, J.P. (2022) Desert view. Breda: private collection.

Towards the Sun

Sailing towards the sun can be a quite challenging experience. But it is worth doing so, from the shadows and the rain towards a more convenient place. Literally and metaphorically. For that, above all, you need that driving combination of conviction and craftsmanship. You have to have guts. And above you need a boat.

A plan will help you, but much more important is the action itself, that state of actually doing it, of going into an adventure. And of course you need to know about the moon and the stars, the water, the tides, the currents and the wind. And you need to know all about your own strengths and weaknesses. Outer and inner world meet in success, always.

In fact it is about the ability to navigate, that constant peddling between knowing where you are, where you want to be and what to do. Let’s go, towards the sun.


Kruf, J.P. (2022) Towards the Sun [fine art print]. Breda: private collection.


After the loss of a dear friend some weeks ago, I imagined with my pencils this path for him. A stairway in a pristine white setting under an azure blue sky.A path to heaven, there he will arrive soon. He has all the love, care and involvement certificates to be accepted. Of that I am sure. A path to eternity it will be.

He already did pass the gate. I look upwards to it and see the blue sky. He is gone. I knew him. He was my friend. He is within the heart, within the soul.


Kruf, J.P. (2022) Path [fine art print]. Breda, The Netherlands: Private collection.