Track & Trace

© Jack Kruf (2019) Track & Trace [fine art print]. Breda: Open end edition.

The streets of the city are full of signs to tell us to ‘tell’ us how to navigate and where to find essential elements of the architecture how we build our communities, especially here about how to track and trace gas pipelines.. It is almost a peace of art.

Well, step back 1,3 meter from the wall and step 40 cm to the right. If you want to visit this part of the extensive underground infrastructural world of brain connections of the city –  for reason of maintenance or development – and respectively want or need to dig into the ground, you will find the gas pipeline which connects this house to the world wide network. Smart it is. Art too.

The Atlantic

© Jack Kruf (2019) The Atlantic [metal print]. Breda: Cinetone® Collection.

The Atlantic shows its mystical side with this curious play of clouds and sunlight, reflecting on the ocean water surface. Shot from a Bournemouth cliff with my Leica Q. The grainy touch makes it to almost a blue charcoal sketch. I like it a lot. A reflective seascape.

A bath in Bath

There are cities where even the name is inclusive to its brand and gestalt. The city of Bath, Somerset, is famous for its well preserved Roman baths, which were built around 60 AD. It is a place of spa, still.

© Jack Kruf (2020) A bath in Bath [fine art print]. Breda: Private collection.
Maybe this identity has brought this city towards its present skyline. It is an unique cityscape. The contrast of more than 2000 years of history and the group of swimmers anno 2020 is caught in this one image. It are the light contrasts on this hot summer evening in the city which give the photo a special reflective flavour.

Kinderdijk Mills

© Jack Kruf (2021) Kinderdijk Mills [fine art print]. Breda: Private collection.

The mills at Kinderdijk on a cloudy winter day. These impressive artefacts show themselves as well as their reflections in this grey and misty landscape. This is an UNESCO World Heritage site at the Alblasserwaard, one of the oldest polders in The Netherlands.

Spider and I

© Jack Kruf (2018) Spider and I. Breda: Private collection.

We meet every time of the year, at the crossroad of October and November, when autumn is in full swing. Where I admire its art work and skills to create and walk the web. And spider knows we offer it a safe place to build its house.

That is our policy: to increase biodiversity around the house. Spider knows. This natural beauty found its place. We meet here. No, it is not the moment to compare spider with some political leader (global and local), but just wonder and admire. The colours of its body are really astonishing.

Rowan on forest floor

© Jack Kruf (2022) Rowan on forest floor. Breda: Private collection.

On the forest floor I found this small Rowan (Sorbus accuparia L.). I estimate 15 cm high. At the Ulvenhoutse Bos in Breda, the autumn light felt in on the forest floor in the late evening and reached this young tree. The colours are that of the true palette of autumn and where this time of year stands for: finalise a year of (here first) growth,  prepare for winter and get ready for the year to come. Letting the leafs go is crucial for a new start in spring. “How beautiful.

Dune light

© Jack Kruf (2022) Dune Light [fine art print]. Breda: Private collection.

I was able to catch the late evening light from the seaside of this dune at Cadzand-Bad. I wonder what actually is on the traffic board and where the path will lead me to. I like the contrast between the gold of the sunlight and the blue-grey palette of the sky.

Through woven woods

Every day I read a million news articles, I listen to a million talk shows, I watch a million documentairies, I scan a million scientific publications, I receive a million social media messages, I think about a million promises by our leaders, I see a million best pictures, I learn about a million frameworks, methods and models, I see a million pictures of happy people at a million conferences with a million of flowers, certificates, honours and medals, I cry a million tears for them dying from poverty and hunger, I wonder about a million leafs falling again and again and I keep a million hopes alive.

I sit quietly beside Frodo on the floor of the deep forest after Galadriel has left us. I listen to a million echoes around me and just wonder about the world and what to do next.

Through woven woods in Elvenhome
She lightly fled on dancing feet,
And left him lonely still to roam
In the silent forest listening.

– J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings.


Picture: Kruf, J.P. (2019) Snow Forest [fine are print]. Breda: Private collection.

Camouflage in the city

© Jack Kruf (2018) Camouflage in the city [fine art print]. Breda: Private collection. 

This palette of colour and construction finds its base in the combination of government regulation, the use of different materials, the progressive insights in and possibilities for the creation of new infrastructure to ease living.

The personal colour touch of the owner of this house in the centre of the City of Verona makes it almost a work of art. Camouflage in the city.

Un Paisaje Icónico

© Jack Kruf (2005) Un Paisaje Icónico [fine art print]. Breda: Private collection.

After the harvest this Carmona landscape turns into an iconic landscape. The yellow path is astonishing and almost adventurous, cutting through the elegant curves of the hills. The palette of colours is dreamy. At the same time it is realistic: the picture shows us just as it is in this time of the year, no more, no less.

More so there is a this in-depth perspective, here from ecological point of view, leading to the idea that this photo should ring all alarm bells on how we treat our earth by cultivating it as systemic deserts, but then without any life other than the agricultural products.

Door Palette

© Jack Kruf (2021) Door Palette [fine art print]. Breda: Private collection.

A bus stop actually can deliver a surprising palette of colours and materials. Here in the city of Breda (my city). Great design: wood, polyester and metal form this unique combination. The light brown, gray and silver palette is clean, neat and organised. It is interacting with the evening light.

Playful Wind

© Jack Kruf (2019) Playful Wind [fine art print, open edition]. Breda: Private collection.

The wind can be playful in etching the sand on the beach. A natural pattern emerged here, which by the way says not a lot about the wind, but also about the sand.

In fact this is a symbolic picture for how organisations and on a larger scale even cities can be (trans)formed, sculpted, moulded and even created by this combination of external and environmental factors on one hand and its own internal strengths and weaknesses (in the palette of behaviour, grip, power, robustness, resilience and diversity) of itself on the other hand.

Here the emerging pattern has become the natural result of a by sand and wind carried out realisation after the SWOT analysis. The result is what was possible.


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