Verona palette

© Jack Kruf (2015) Verona palette [fine art print]. Breda: private collection.

The walls of some houses in the inner city of Verona – Citta’ Antica – are true pieces of art. This is one. The yellows and the light blue creates a soft palette. It is a place where nature meets architecture.


© Jack Kruf (2016) Corrosion [metal print]. Breda: Private collection.

Corrosion is a physical but also metaphorically spoken a social process. Reading the news heading sometimes this image pops up. Photo taken in the city of Léon, Spain.


© Jack Kruf (2017). Yogurteria [fine art print]. Breda: Private collection

In the city of Hondarribia, Bask Country, Spain this green palette crossed our path. A yogurteria. Promising but closed.

Anchor point

© Jack Kruf (2019) Anchor point [metal print]. Breda: Private collection.

On the rough sea an anchor point can make all the difference. Here a close-up of one on the ferry Calais-Dover. The weather made its marks and create this honest  palette.

Beach perspective

© Jack Kruf (2019) Beach perspective [fine art print]. Breda: Private collection.

It is not often when a beach is truly a beach. Here it shows itself in all it has. I like the colour palette and perspective, with in the far distance one of the main sea cargo routes of the world towards the harbour of Antwerp.