JK Design Portfolio

“A wisdom on the wall is a window to the world”

The sharing of knowledge how to properly govern and manage the public domain of people, society and nature has always been a personal underlying drive for expression. My works are photographs and graphic designs. Maybe these small forms of personal art, can support insights in and understanding of how things work in the forest or the city.

And with that I hope it will contribute to a better world for my children and grandchildren, and of course all their contemporaries. Here I made some links to my work.


A biome can be defined (Campbell, 1996) as” a major community on earth with a predominant vegetation and adapted organisms to that particular environment.” In fact the biomes of the present world can be considered as our major natural habitats. It is where biotic and abiotic elements of the ecosystems meet. It is in fact the place where biodiversity and resilience are made and engineered (by nature).

I designed – with the golden ratio in mind – these set of biomic landscapes. The Pantone® colours are hand-picked, corresponding with the biomes, for accurate colour management and print reproduction. Read more


Business models

To choose, implement and communicate a business model is challenging. It can at the same time be inspirational, strategic and for business continuity necessary, with the eye on the market, the client and of course the competition. I collected some frequently used models and main techniques used at board rooms in government, business and non-profit. Read more