© Jack Kruf. (2022) Storm. [fine are print, 1/1]. Breda: Private collection.

There is this feeling a storm is coming and all elements – water, earth, fire and air – will be tested. A personal art expression reading today’s headlines about war, climate change, diversity loss, right wing regimes, loss of democracy and human rights, the lust for and use of power, poverty, pollution and above all incompetent leadership. We seem to be frozen, and paralysed to act swiftly and accurately. What to say, what to feel? Words, I can not find. Paint helps.

The forest for the trees?

To find the forest for the trees can be challenging for a simple human being like me. The emerging of crises in all sorts and dimensions should implicate an expected swift and adequate action, at least from government. I see though a parcelled landscape of initiatives and actions, not that effective or even missing focus and target.

I find myself in a forest with trees all over the place, given me a kaleidoscopic colour palette but no sense where I am and no direction where to go. I try to see the forest for the trees. A personal art impression.


Kruf, J.P. (2022) The forest for the trees? [fine are print]. Breda, The Netherlands: Private collection.

Playful Wind

© Jack Kruf (2019) Playful Wind [fine art print, open edition]. Breda: Private collection.

The wind can be playful in etching the sand on the beach. A natural pattern emerged here, which by the way says not a lot about the wind, but also about the sand.

In fact this is a symbolic picture for how organisations and on a larger scale even cities can be (trans)formed, sculpted, moulded and even created by this combination of external and environmental factors on one hand and its own internal strengths and weaknesses (in the palette of behaviour, grip, power, robustness, resilience and diversity) of itself on the other hand.

Here the emerging pattern has become the natural result of a by sand and wind carried out realisation after the SWOT analysis. The result is what was possible.


The photo is available for print on different media and for a set of products in the following stores: Fine Art America, Saatchi Art and Visual.

Ukraine Chess Board

The colors of Ukraine represent the ‘sky’ (blue) and the ‘wheat’ (yellow). Anno 2022 Ukraine is the chess board of autonomy and sovereignty, literally and figuratively.

The Russian invasion at the end of February 2022, seems to be about expanding the empire of Great Russia Peter the Great, possibly about confiscating the fertile grounds, about revenge for the second World “`War related to the behaviour of the Nazi’s, about the mix of historical and ethnological aspects or a personal drive of a leader to possess and destroy. It is likely a strange blend of them.

It all seems a bloody play of chess.  Russia has delivered many famous chess players, such as Anatoli KarpovViktor Korchnoi and Garry Kasparov, but now it seems it steps up the board itself.

The chess board has become a metaphor for the fight for democracy and freedom, against autocracy and unfreedom. That presently the most felt and communicated semantic differential in the West, but possibly and even more likely history will tell us that there is more under the sun.

Jack Kruf (2022) Ukraine Chess board. Breda.

The chess board is available for print on different media en products. The products are selected and curated and should remind us how fragile democracy, dignity and freedom in fact are and that fight, weapons and human loss are needed to maintain and preserve. History is repeating itself.

Lost in the City

Kruf, J.P. (2018) Lost in the City [fine art print]. Breda..

Can someone gets lost in the city? I do NOT mean the romantic kind of lost, on a late evening wandering through the city of Paris with your love in search for your hotel. Not the philosophical, in search for existentialism, the Jan-Paul Sartre or Albert Camus-like kind of lost.

I do mean the type of isolation or loneliness kind of lost. Yes it is so possible to get lost in the city, to get disconnected from the fibres of the city, to be erased from the chessboard of life. This is how it could feel like.