Er is er een jarig vandaag. Dochter Michelle. Zij is als een sneeuwklokje (Galanthus nivalis L., Snowdrop). Zij brengt de lente, telkens weer. Een schets van vaderlief.

On our way to Spring

© Jack Kruf (2022) Pink Tulip Palette [fine art print]. Breda: Private collection.

And we’re on our way to spring. This pink tulip palette shows us the direction where we heading to. Yes, indeed, towards a new coming season, that of spring. The colour composition of pink, green and black tells the story.


© Jack Kruf (2021) Destiny. Breda: digital collection.

Sometimes it is clear in life what is gonna happen and where destiny is determined. This picture is called destiny. Being an apple, banana or orange, I should be slightly worried about the juice can beside me. Sometimes it is good though that not everything is clear for everyone in advance. Happy New Year.

Frosty Grass

© Jack Kruf (2003) Frosty grass [fine art print]. Breda: Private collection.

The frosty grass shows itself in winter time in the wetlands as a collection of sticky beacons of survival. Icy sculptures on a very cold morning.

Catch the wind

© Jack Kruf (2021) Catch the wind [fine art print]. Breda: Private collection.

To catch the wind is an art in itself. This dune is formed by the exquisite properties of the beachgrass to survive in high dynamics and bind the grains of sand. In the background the city of Vlissingen, the city of one of my forefathers.