Stair palette

© Jack Kruf (2016) Stair palette [fine art print]. Breda: Private collection.

Stairs often are meeting points of materials on one hand and playing field of light and dark on the other hand. Here a part of the stairs in the Pousada in the city of Porto.

Verona palette

© Jack Kruf (2015) Verona palette [fine art print]. Breda: private collection.

The walls of some houses in the inner city of Verona – Citta’ Antica – are true pieces of art. This is one. The yellows and the light blue creates a soft palette. It is a place where nature meets architecture.


© Jack Kruf (2016) Corrosion [metal print]. Breda: Private collection.

Corrosion is a physical but also metaphorically spoken a social process. Reading the news heading sometimes this image pops up. Photo taken in the city of Léon, Spain.

Anchor point

© Jack Kruf (2019) Anchor point [metal print]. Breda: Private collection.

On the rough sea an anchor point can make all the difference. Here a close-up of one on the ferry Calais-Dover. The weather made its marks and create this honest  palette.

Janus and the art of navigation

© Jack Kruf (2015) The God Janus. Breda: Private collection.

When it comes to navigation in times of high dynamics and change, it was pilot John Boyd who developed a revolutionary and simple concept, the OODA loop: observe, orient, decide and act. The first steps are crucial, he said, when you fly in your plane with a speed of 900 km/h, upside down and 100 meter above a mountainous landscape. Is this not the situation where we as society are in today? After Boyd many scientists, experts and advisers developed a myriad of concepts, frameworks and approaches to tackle change and to find navigation in a volatile world.

The Romans already had a god for transitions, gates, passages and doorways. They called him Janus, derived form iānus, meaning in Latin ‘arched passage, doorway’. Can we say that we find ourselves in a doorway, a gate? And can we say we need to find our path, i.e. through developing a circular economy, caring for digital transformation, implementing energy transition, innovating water management, tackling a first grade health crisis, dealing with inequality, racism and poverty? Yes, we can.

We are in a doorway, maybe on a threshold towards a new world. Janus is our ‘man’, our god. We need to give him more thought in our souls, not worship him, and ask him advice in the steps to come.

I think I timed the moment (exactly 10 years after my father died) and find the right angle of sunlight, beaming (was it actually him?) through this work of art at our home. Janus looking forward, Janus looking backward and in reflection its metaperspective. The art of navigation is alike. Observe by looking forward and backward, and orient where you are by reflecting on this, decide and act.

Janus and the art of navigation. Janus is presiding over all beginnings and transitions. Should we ask him for his wisdom again? And if we do, let’s not forget John.

Wall Art

© Jack Kruf (2020) Wall Art [fine art print]. Breda: private collection.

Wall Art in itself can be a true added value. Here I watched a wall in the city of Domburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands. The palette of the baked clay brick tones is impressive in itself. It is where the art of the wall meets and merge with wall art.

On our way to Spring

© Jack Kruf (2022) Pink Tulip Palette [fine art print]. Breda: Private collection.

And we’re on our way to spring. This pink tulip palette shows us the direction where we heading to. Yes, indeed, towards a new coming season, that of spring. The colour composition of pink, green and black tells the story.

Security connectors

© Jack Kruf (2021) Security connectors [fine art print]. Breda: Private collection.

Security comes with a network of connectors. In fact always, ecosystemically spoken. It is the network of interactions and a set of feed-back loops in between, which in fact create the resilience and related defence mechanism of an organism. ‘Together we are strong’ is one of the variants. Well, what is your personal state, that of your organisation or the community you take care for?