Wind of change

© Jack Kruf (2022) Wind of Change [fine art print]. Breda.

The wind of change can just start at one place on the chess board. It from there can influence the course and level playing field of the complete canvas of society. The chess board as a metaphor of society. The spade is formally associated with spear, leaf and shovel. We need all three.

All systemic changes started like this, with just one idea or one action at one place. This thought empowers hope for a better world. Hope is intrinsic and is about direct personal involvement (Cornel West) and “Hope is the thing with feathers” (Emily Dickinson). True change starts always somewhere.

In present times, from today on, we need change more than ever, because the direction in which we walk is not right one. UN Secretary General António Guterres even talked about hell, on the 27th (!) climate top. It is good to know “we all can make a difference”, as Obama stated several days ago.

We need all to turn the tide of loss and injustice (among others) and to keep democracy and our natural ecosystems alive and kicking. We need the spade more than ever against upcoming autocracy, populism, racism, fascism, greed and the world of denial and fake. The spade it is. A personal expression.