Back to the drawing table

Anonymus, Couperin [Oil on canvas]. Château de Versailles. Paris.

Reading the Global Risks Report 2020 of the World Economic Forum last week and quietly listening to all the presentations, I went back to my trusted base, platform, home… the piano, with François Couperin. On this late winter afternoon I imagined that my left hand played the system world and my right the living world. Les ombres errantes is actually as it should be.

With this architectural masterpiece in mind we should go back to the drawing table and redesign how we, the world, manage ourselves to a new harmony, with full respect for all other species and natural ecosystems from which we developed. Mother Earth, our root system.

Børge Brende, President, World Economic Forum: ”On the environment, we note with grave concern the consequences of continued environmental degradation, including the record pace of species decline. Respondents to our Global Risks Perception Survey are also sounding the alarm, ranking climate change and related environmental issues as the top five risks in terms of likelihood—the first time in the survey’s history that one category has occupied all five of the top spots.

How can we forget? We can not continue this way! The report has a huge impact on me, that I know. François gives me a moment of relaxation, and by this of inspiration to rethink, to reflect, to re-prepare, to re-energize, to re-create, to re-select, to re-elect and to re-mark. Left and right hand as one, connecting ratio and creativity. Back to the drawing table.