Through woven woods

Every day I read a million news articles, I listen to a million talk shows, I watch a million documentairies, I scan a million scientific publications, I receive a million social media messages, I think about a million promises by our leaders, I see a million best pictures, I learn about a million frameworks, methods and models, I see a million pictures of happy people at a million conferences with a million of flowers, certificates, honours and medals, I cry a million tears for them dying from poverty and hunger, I wonder about a million leafs falling again and again and I keep a million hopes alive.

I sit quietly beside Frodo on the floor of the deep forest after Galadriel has left us. I listen to a million echoes around me and just wonder about the world and what to do next.

Through woven woods in Elvenhome
She lightly fled on dancing feet,
And left him lonely still to roam
In the silent forest listening.

– J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings.


Picture: Kruf, J.P. (2019) Snow Forest [fine are print]. Breda: Private collection.