My Word

This matrix links the internal and external drive to that of the language domain, often used in communication within the world of politics and government. Of course it is also applicable to the world of the private and business as well as the personal domain. Our words used often share a light behind the scenes. This diagram brings drives and words together.

Bron: De Graaf en Kunst (2009). Design My Word (2020) ©Jack Kruf

The maximum of both worlds is want, and if the external drive is higher than the internal one must is used, vice versa that is may. If both are low then can is used. In the middle of the matrix the word dare is positioned, to cross over or break through the boundaries from a quadrant. The matrix is often used in communication, co-creation and design sessions within groups.

The spoken language can tell us a lot about the internal drive of those who use the word in relation to the need to act. Many present policy plans use the word must. The context here is the need for change, innovation, development, transition and transformation related for example to climate, energy, water, cyber, circular, social care, finance, resilience, ecosystem protection. Migrate to want would give a lot of power. Is this possible mayby seduction and education?

My word can be considered as indicator where I am in the diagramFrom there navigation can start.


Graaf, A. de en Kunst, K (2009) Einstein en de kunst van het zeilen: Praktijkboek over leiderschap en communicatie. Amsterdam: Uitgeverij SWP. link