One image, two traits

I caught this two traits of humanity into this one image. I thought a lot of it actually how to express my thoughts in this strangely destructed part of the forest. Tears came into my eyes, to see a bunch of beeches been cut off in this way. I asked myself, as ecologist, forester, walker, human being: why?

© Jack Kruf (2021) One image, two traits [fine art print]. Breda: Private collection.

At the same time a plane, so high in the sky. Humanity has produced this advanced peace of technique of sailing upon air. Wow. For now, it showed me that humanity has two sides of its same coin. Two traits, actually. Going forward, and going backwards. That of progress and regress. Development and destruction.
I wondered, as watcher of the skies (thanks Genesis), what on this picture the ‘traits of humanity’ are, which actually meet. Quite a moment during my walk in the forest.