Chess Board Black & White

The story behind

The predecessor of chess, in the 6th century, was called Chaturanga in India, consisting on four divisions being infantry, cavalry, elephantry, and chariotry in the military on a 8×8 board. From the 12th century on, chess traveled from Arab to Europe.

Chess was quickly adopted by the medieval kings and the European nobility, and its popularity peaked during the late medieval period. Learning chess was an essential skill for knights. Now it is still a popular strategic board game, but for everyone. It begins with the board. It is in fact a symbol of equality and equal opportunities.

Wall art

This rectangle archival pigment print of the full black and white chess board is perfect for a modern and classic look in home and office interiors. It is a reminder on the wall, that the playing field for strategic thinking and acting starts with this magic board palette.

Product Information

Price: € 125,00

Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm

Limited edition print (3/10) on Hahnemühle natural line fine art paper Hemp, 290 gsm, 60% hemp fibre, 40% cotton, white, acid- and lignin-free, ISO 9706 compliant and museum quality for high age resistance. Colours and details are brilliantly reproduced. Hemp has extremely robust fibres, for that it is used for long-lasting historical documents, such as the Gutenberg Bible and the US Declaration of Independence.

  • Signed Artist Proof
  • Designed by Jack Kruf
  • Printed in Breda, The Netherlands
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) included

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