State of the World’s Plants and Fungi

The State of the World’s Plants and Fungi report by Royal Botanic Gardens Kew is actually breathtaking. You experience the richness of Mother Earth and feel how nature has evolved in all its diversity. However…

In coordination with 97 other institutions in 42 countries, this renowned institute comes to the disconcerting conclusion of how fast and dramatically the decline of biodiversity is going. Data have been compiled. With this report comes information.

The report offers many tools to improve and shore up. Worth reading, not only for enthusiasts and professionals in the field, but actually for anyone who loves life. After all, there is that calculation of the risk of extinction: 40 per cent of plant species are threatened with it. We don’t want that. Right? Unthinkable actually. A must read for any public leader.

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Picture from rapport Kew Gardens (p. 22): “Maize is one of the most widely grown crops but much diversity remains available to breeders.”