Lost in the City

The story behind

The citizen and the city. Many novels, philosophies, songs and poems have been written about this relation. From the daily perspective of city governance a myriad of stories about life in the city can to be told. The idea came up to express the canvas of the city as the 64 fields of the chess board. An eagle view, from above. There the living and the system world meet and form the fibre of society. The citizen can be lost and get disconnected with life as well as the system.

Wall art

This rectangle archival pigment print of the city canvas with Pantone® Bright White (living world) Pantone® Black 6c (system world) and Pantone® Terra Cotta (citizen) is perfect for a modern, classic and reflective look in home and office interiors. It is an urgent reminder on the wall, that getting lost in the city is not to be wished for as it is highly uncomfortable and lonely.

Product Information

Price: € 125,00

Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm

Limited edition print (1/5) on Hahnemühle natural line fine art paper Hemp, 290 gsm, 60% hemp fibre, 40% cotton, white, acid- and lignin-free, ISO 9706 compliant and museum quality for high age resistance. Colours and details are brilliantly reproduced. Hemp has extremely robust fibres, for that it is used for long-lasting historical documents, such as the Gutenberg Bible and the US Declaration of Independence.

  • Signed Artist Proof
  • Designed by Jack Kruf
  • Watermark not printed
  • Print with small edge for personal framing
  • Printed in Breda, The Netherlands
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) included

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